A to Z: I is for Ignored

Hello Poetteers,

I is for I apologize
I realized
I didn't post this, this morning

I apologize for not keeping your
for not being an
Inspiration but human

This is an
"how much more would we accomplish
in life
if we lived
Doing what mattered,
ignoring what doesn't?"

Love and thank you, Fida


Anonymous said…
I believe I live intentionally. Great poem.
Anna K. Stewart said…
Being human is probably the most interesting thing you can be. That said, the challenge to live intentionally is an interesting one. How often do we fall into routines without truly thinking about what we are doing, without truly experiencing each moment with thought and care. Very nice poem...made me think. :-)
s said…
No need to apologise! I missed like two days in a row so you are still doing great!
Lovely poem
Thanks for sharing!