WUW & Poetry Blogfest Day 3

Hello readers!

What I'm Reading: I finished the LOVE, TINK series. I finished reading CNV and Speak and attempted at reading Wintergirls. You can find my reviews on Goodreads. 

What I'm Writing: My WIP, WHICHEVER TUNES and a short story. 

What Else I've Been Up To: Today is day three of the poetry blogfest!! Your challenge is to open the dictionary, pick a word and write an acrostic poem. Good luck and have fun! (These challenges are what's inspiring me right now!)

Also, four of my favorite poems will be picked at the end of the blogfest/this week and given a special feature in my poetry collection (with your permission of publication, of course)! Enjoy!

Btw, here is the hashtag to use for this week's blogfest and next week's tour: #azpoetrybooktour


Melissa said…
I'll leave that to the poets.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)