Nerd Blog Hop

Hello readers,

I just found out about Cassie Mae and the book coming out this week sounds awesome! I decided to participate in her blog hop. In Fida style, it's in a poem. Enjoy!

You could say 
a love of reading books
could be nerdy
that writing books
could be nerdier 

But what about
loving to do math
loving a challenge 

Now that is nerdy
all that is a part of me
loving faith! 


Jennie Bennett said…
People who love math are the best! I honestly wish I was one of them (not being sarcastic) That's way cool!
Simply Sarah said…
Great poem! I can't wait to read her book :)
PK HREZO said…
Reading books I get, but math is not my thing... although, I do love sa good puzzle!! :)
Tara Tyler said…
yay math & reading!!
sweet, nerdy poem!
Anonymous said…
The nerd in me loved this nerdy poem.
Chrys Fey said…
I love that you did a poem! Short and simple. Only non-writers and non-book lovers would find reading and writing nerdy. But, speaking as someone who hated math, yes . . . loving math is quite nerdy. lol

I participated in this blog hop too, but what makes me nerdy is pretty different from what makes you nerdy. ;)
Cassie Mae said…
I'm a major math nerd too! When I tell people I'm a sterling scholar, they're like, oh, in Literature? I'm like, nope, mathematics! English was my worst subject actually, lol!

See, now you're talented enough you do both!