Last Day of Poetry Blogfest

Hello readers, 

It's day five aka the last day. Your challenge is simple today. Look out your window and write a poem about the view. Enjoy!

Bright blue sky
sun finished it's colorful sunrise 
view blocked by houses
some with big trees 
and beautiful gardens
some blooming
getting ready for Autumn. 

Later today after making sure everyone does the challenge I will be picking four poems I loved to put in the special feature section of my soon to be published poetry collection!! You can join the chat here: #azpoetrybooktour

And be sure to link up if you haven't already!


saniya said…
I'm so sorry! I forgot about the blogfest! So sooo sorry. I could only submit the last entry. :(
Unknown said…
I'm no good at poetry, but will go and check out the other entries. Cool idea!