Monday Blessings, Part Two #15: Birthday

Salaam readers,

Yesterday was my birthday and this is what I was blessed with:

Waking up to happy birthday smiles and hugs from my parents. Hearing Quran. Going on Facebook to see 'happy birthdays!' from my extended family.

Toured Biltmore Estates, had ice cream. It's like a little paradise on earth.

Had a bonfire in the evening and rain storm at night. Last but not least, I got my chocolate!!

Love, Fida Islaih
(all writing is mine & copyrighted unless stated otherwise).


s said…
Happy birthday! :)
Anonymous said…
It sounds like you had an amazing day. Happy belated birthday.
Ghadeer said…
Belated happy birthday! (We were born a day apart ;) )
It's the little things that make a day special.
Laila said…
It's a bit late, but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!

Fida Islaih said…
Seriously, a day apart? Awesome, happy bday to you, too!!