June edition of IWSG

Hello everyone!

I don't think I feel insecure today. Well, if I think about it, then I do feel insecure.

Remember how I said I'm going to crowd fund my poetry collection to self publish it. Well, I finished making the campaign and I'm waiting for it to be approved. I keep thinking it won't be or it will be, but not have much support of crowdfunding.

Last but not least I submitted to an anthology and they said yes! But I wonder if my writing is good enough and the whole thing will get love.

Love, Fida Islaih
(all writing is mine & copyrighted unless stated otherwise).


Crystal Collier said…
Congrats on being accepted into the anthology! That's awesome--and of course your writing is good enough. My goodness, how can you question after the fact?

Here's wishing you much success with your crowd funding. Wahoo!
Fida Islaih said…
To anyone reading this, my campaign is approved!! Hopefully you can help! http://pubslush.com/books/id/312

Btw, I understand that I'm crazy to question my writing after so much support, but sometimes the little devil likes to play games with your mind.
Sanderella said…
If I was a betting woman...I would be willing to bet that your anthology will be the best! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will come through with flying colors!! sandysanderellasmusings.blogspot.com
Suzanne Furness said…
Glad to hear you are feeling good about your writing and congrats on the anthology acceptance. You are good enough and this is the proof. Visiting from IWSG today.

IWSG co-host
Melissa said…
Congratulations on the anthology. Best of luck. :)
Brandon Ax said…
Cool, congrats on being accepted and good luck for your crowd funding.
Anonymous said…
Good for you! Congratulations!
s said…
Congratulations! U'd be published in to time! :)
Good luck with your crowd funding. I hope it goes awesome. =) Congrats on the anthology too.
Just go on faith. It will do well!!