Love Yourself: How to be Brave

Hello Poetteers,

Bravery doesn't come overnight. It is something you need to work on constantly. You need the headspace and mindset for it. Do something that will healthy loosen and motivate you.

Before I go on stage to read my poem(s) in front of a crowd I spend the whole day repeating the poem over and over in my head. Ill go on stage still with a quiet voice. It wasn't working. I had to change it up. Practicing in front of a group of my closest girlfriends was one of the good decisions I made. Their energy hyped me up.

Say yes before your thoughts start popping up and getting in your way. Have the activity or the commitment/accountability be the first thing in the morning. That is the best time because your mind is still waking up.

Once I woke up to an email about needing a workshop leader. I hit reply before I could comprehend it. Now I can't back out of it and that pushed me to get started on it. I always tell myself this story because I opened my own door to opportunity.

When it's the first thing done and its the biggest thing, you will go about your day feeling proud of yourself for saying yes or doing the activity. 

stay inspired, 

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