Bullet Journal: Ramadan Reflection

Hello Poetteers,

Happy Eid! As you know I set up my bullet journal a bit differently for Ramadan. Some of it has been helpful while others failed.

I was able to record my prayer list. I took the time to jot down reflections on the verses I read. I had a log of the Iftar parties. I practiced my hand lettering.

I was able to track the times I woke up for sahoor, whether I fasted or not, full or half day. I got to see how much or how little time I went to the mosque. I saw when I had the time and energy to exercise on top of fasting. In my daily log I was able to track the times I prayed and what I ate.

In the future with my prayer list I can see them being answered.

Since I have it all down, if we make it to see the next Ramadan I can see how I can improve.

Stay inspired,