Love Yourself: Be Mindful

Hello Poetteers,

We are always on the go. Our minds eventually get cluttered.

When I'm on social media only some of the content I consume is important. The rest is information you don't need. You aren't fully paying attention after scrolling down for so long. Limit your time on there. Stay offline when you can. I realized my mind has more space for creativity and focus.

Along the same lines of this, have boundaries. Keep your spaces separate. Your bed is for sleep only. Once your work hours are over don't keep working. Leave your social life and home life for family and friends. Your work will still be there later.

Lastly, wherever you are notice how your body feels. Like I've said before we have a go-go-go mentality. We think we should work through the stress. When we are stressed we are unable to give the activity we are doing our full attention. It is better to step away. Just like we have to notice how our body feels we have to be conscious of our breath.

stay inspired,

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