I Never Wrote A Sonnet!

Hello Poetteers,

#PoetryChat (now #PoetryHeart!) is a weekly chat on Sundays at 3 pm, hosted by @JasmineMelancon. In this past week I shared a confession on the chat.

Poetry is a place to express emotion with rhythm in a concise manner. I write in free verse. I cut into stanzas where the story changes.

I never wrote a sonnet before. I was driven away from sonnets because of the old English and romantic love I got from reading some. I would love to practice writing a sonnet or two in the near future.

There is no wrong or right way to write poetry. It doesn't need specific words paired together that rhyme. It's not required to write in a specific form. You can write in free verse with or without stanzas. All you need is phrases that should evoke emotion.

Stay inspired, 

P.S. I'm currently hosting an Instagram poetry challenge, #dailypoetrygram