Putting my Beliefs in my Poetry

Hello Poetteers, 

Some authors believe their beliefs in love and life should show through in their writing while others feel that they shouldn't and the beliefs that show up in the story is up to the character.

In fiction stories, whether it's the author's beliefs or the character's beliefs, it is understandable but non-fiction is different. You write of your beliefs and your beliefs should shine through.

I'm picky about the songs I listen to. When I listen to songs, I stop if they are inappropriate. Inappropriate to me is drugs and sex.

Drugs isn't good to do and sex is something that holds a special meaning and should be private instead of being overly described. There is a fine line. You want it to be normal but you don't want it to be overly described that it takes away from what it is.

Lots of well known songs talk of a lover. It's romantic but some are too sexual for listeners to think of anything else other than that. If the sex is not there and the romanticism is light or not distinct, it won't be inappropriate for readers and listeners.

In some songs of romantic love I am able to think of friendship instead.

I make my poems like that, appropriate for both lovers and friends. I daydream about guys but I want my poems to reflect my beliefs.

What do you think? Should authors share their beliefs?

stay inspired,