Bullet Journal for Ramadan

Hello Poetteers,

Ramadan starts Jun 6th!! Usually I set up my bullet journal by month, but this coming months I'm setting it differently. Instead of June and July For the one week of June I'm making a weekly spread. Then setting up for the month of Ramadan. Once ramadan is over I'll be done with my first journal! I'll be transitioning into a new journal. I will set up a monthly spread for the rest of July and go by as usual.

Have a monthly log to record the iftar parties. Set goals that will help you become a better person. My goals is to be able to donate to a charity, to watch the sunrise and sunset, and by the end of the month have read the whole Quran. Other things could be to volunteer somewhere.

Ramadan is a month to show appreciation and gratitude. Create a spread to write and doodle those things you are grateful for and memories you made.

There will be some things you want to focus on everyday throughput the month, create a monthly tracker to do just that. I'm keeping track of the usual stuff along with how many times I am able to wake up for sahoor, go to the mosque and listen to a lecture. Some other things you can track is the times you fasted.

During Ramadan you have a good chance of getting your prayers answered. Create a list to add to everyday and read everyday.

stay inspired,