22 Blessings for Turning 23!

Hello Poetteers,

Today is my birthday and I'm counting my blessings. Celebrate along with me by counting your blessings.

1. Sunshine
2. New dresses
3. That moment when you feel like you have the place to yourself.
4. Birds chirping
5. The strength my faith and Ramadan together give me.
6. chocolate chip cookies with coconut on top!
7. Being exposed to multiple cultures and being part of multiple cultures.
8. For late nights of sudden inspiration to write.
9. For early mornings of silence.
10. I'm lucky to know my passions and know myself.
11. Time on my side.
12. Great conversations
13. Good food and fruits
14. Finding the right headscarf
15. Finding what you thought would be lost forever.
16. Chocolate covered pretzels
17. The moon and stars shining above us.
18. The tree that provides shade.
19. Reading your favorite books.
20. My cats are the cutest!
21. My family is the coolest.
22. The support from the friends around me.

Stay inspired,

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