Poetry Tuesday - What Is (Blank)?

Hello Poetteers,

I'll let you in on a little secret. I'll be sharing a poetry style on the format of my color poems. It doesn't have to be color. It can be a place or object.

Title it what is (blank), then write (blank) is. Repeat the phrase until you've written all you can then have a powerful ending.

How does it feel in the mind? Write three lines. End the poem with three lines on what the world will be like without that thing. You may leave the "without that thing" stanza where it is, leave it out
or move it to before the stanza about its power on the mind. Choose whatever that suits your creativity. Be as creative as you want. There you have it.

For more examples, take a listen to the Colors Collection.

Share with me in the comments what you came up with.

Stay inspired,



s said…
This sounds like a neat idea! Also great poem.

P.S. This is strange but I posted to my blog after ages and guess what my story title was: Color.
Anonymous said…
I like your graphics and the poems within. Cool format.