Monthly Recap - March

Hello Poetteers,

It's time for my monthly recap! I look back at my goals I set in the beginning of the year and see how well I progressed.


I  read four books and a story on Wattpad. My initial reading goal was 40 books but I upped it to 45 books.

Dumplin' by Julie Murphy - four stars.

Map of Fates by Maggie Hall - five stars. It is the second book in a series. It is better than the first book. I enjoyed the glimpse at other cultures and countries. I loved seeing the MC's growth. That plot twist really pulled at my heart!

Where You'll Find Me by Natasha Friend - four stars.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton - three stars. Beautiful yet odd. I keep thinking of putting it down but I plowed through. I didn't feel there is really a tangible plot until last 100 pages. That was where it finally picked up for me and felt good/interesting. I loved that part. This story didn't work for me. My favorite characters were Gabe and Henry. I did love the bakery in it. 

Rebuilding Lex by Amber West - the story I read on Wattled. It is a story that kept me in suspense. There is romance, but it isn't overwhelming which I liked. The story stayed centered around other situations in Lex's life. 


Louder Alone is being queried. I didn't finish my outline my novel for Camp NaNo. I've pantsed a novel before and hopefully can do it again. Who else is participating in Camp NaNo?

I've been doodling and working on my handwriting more. For a few months I've heard and researched about bullet journaling. Towards the end of the month I started dabbling in bullet journaling. I also have april set up.


I made a video showing you how I clean my bookshelf. You still have time to sign up for the poetry chain challenge

Goals for next month

- Read four books
- Write new story
- keep up with bullet journaling
- practice spoken word
- try out blogilates

Stay inspired, Fida


Anonymous said…
I need to clean my shelves. Happy writing and good luck querying.