Poetry Tuesday: Five Reasons I Love Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

1. It's like the poet knows your soul. You can relate to what the poem says.

1a. The poet writes what you can't say. You feel a certain way but don't know how to explain it when a friend asks how you feel. You read and see that it's exactly what's on your mind put into words.

1b. As I writer it warms my heart when a reader says it touched them.

2. It's a message to yourself. You may be feeling low and it gives you hope.

3. You see what you didn't see before. The little things are brought to light. Or ordinary things are brought to a new light.

4. You're let into the poet's heart. The poet is telling you their experiences in an intimate way.

Why do you love poetry? Let me know in the comments. If this gives you a reason to check out poetry, buy my books here.

Stay inspired, Fida


I love the wordplay of poetry, whether it's rhyming or consonance and assonance or just the deliberate choices of each individual word the poet places on the page. A poem is like a little love note, delicately unfolding in your hands as you read.
Fida Islaih said…
Beautifully said, thank you!
Anonymous said…
I'll never forget diving into poetry in high school. It spoke so deeply to me.
Fida Islaih said…
Poetry helped me a lot through high school. I'm glad it spoke to you.