Monthly Recap on Goals #2

Hello Poetteers,

It's time for my monthly recap! Look back at last month's: January's Recap | Resolutions.


I read 2 poetry books, an anthology, a novel and a self help book. It is close to last month. It not as heavy of a read I'm still happy because I really love what I read.


I finished editing Louder Alone!! I finally came up with ideas for the four new manuscripts I want to write this year. I started outlining one of my ideas.


One of my goals was to work on spoken word. I didn't exactly do that but it is close and similar. I am now on SoundCloud! I have two pieces up already for you to listen to. I'm still keeping up with my color series on Instagram. Talking about IG, i think I finally got a theme for it.


Last month I was able to set in an evening routine. This month I tried to set a morning routine. The morning routine is called Miracle Morning that I read on the blog BohoBerry. If you haven't already you need to check out Alex Beadon's Monday Mantra series.

Next Time in Goals

- read 4 books
- beta read Louder Alone
- outline my new manuscript
- start writing new story
- practice my mandalas and calligraphy
- practice spoken word poetry
- work on my morning and evening routine

Thank you,


P.S. Miss Cole is doing a bloghop of the same idea called Previously.