OctPoWriMo Day 19

Hello Poetteers,

Dear You

Dear N, cut your hair.
Dear A, continue to write.
Dear D, be open and do more with your own work like you tell me to do with mine.
Dear F, continue to play the guitar
Dear H, I don't want to seem I only pour my bad days to you.
Dear S, I wish we were closer.
Dear C, I'm sorry it didn't work out.
Dear Y, continue to spread positivity.
Dear M, I wish we could meet again.

Dear everyone, I wish I was with you and open to you, with how I feel about myself and about you.

*I love this form of poetry aka write a one sentence letter to a specific person. You can pick a specific group of people like ex-friends or family. I chose to pick people randomly. You can find the prompt here.

**For the sense of privacy, I used only their first initial.

Love, Fida

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