Book Review and Poem

Hello Poetteers,

Snow like Ashes review

I gave this book 5 stars. I can't wait to read Ice Like Fire! Before I get into the review I would like to caution you that it may have minor spoilers to Snow Like Ashes and Throne of Glass.

First of, I like the unique touch that each season is a kingdom.

Second, Snow Like Ashes reminds me of Throne of Glass. I saw a post of if you like this then try this. (I would share it if I could find it). Now I see why.

While the Throne of Glass mentions work camps Snow like Ashes shows you into the work camps.

I love both Mather and Theron. Theron is like Dorian in ways that they are both princes and despise their fathers.

Both Celaena and Meria are sneaky and amazing with their powers while still showing us their flaws.


In a spark
an idea is started

When it rains
there is cleansing for your body

The sound of the ocean
calms you
the sound of wind
brings you to nature.

Thank you,



Carol Campbell said…
Nature affects us so much. It's sounds do comfort and inspire. Lovely post!