Monday Blessings - Feelin' Bittersweet

Hello Poetteers,

Family - you realize it's not complete with one person missing after they have been with you.

Fall - the weather may drain you but there is a sweetness that comes with the season.

Night - everything falls quiet. There is silence and you heart final feels at peace. It means you can be yourself when you pray. It also means you can finally sleep.

Noise - it's quiet for so long when it comes back you know it means happiness.


bittersweet with hellos and goodbyes
can't come or leave without tears
don't dare to say the opposite
even if you
feel strong
going strong
hope it's only a few tears
instead of an overwhelming feeling
just pray and have faith everything will be alright.

Side note: I probably would have done the whole alphabet but then I came to the letter K and didn't know what to put.

Thank you,



Carol Campbell said…
I like the way you did this. I just did an acrostic but yours flows! :)
kings and queens
love beautiful jewels
mostly gold
nothing cheap
opals and diamonds
pearls and rubies
queens love kings

Though I'd help you out !:)
Misky said…
Everything always works out in the end if you let it happen at its own pace.
Unknown said…
This flows so nicely ... a great job! Bastet