What's up Wed: Blog Tour Day 3

Hello readers,

What I'm Reading

CROWN OF MIDNIGHT! The first book was already great but this second book kicked it up a notch with the OMG! moments.

What I'm Writing:

I'm keeping on with NaNoWriMo at 28k!

In between I'm switching back and forth between two stories:

Reading Deciding Hijab after a long break. I forgot about her short conversation about a school dance club. I didn't even put in a scene of her joining after the conversation. More revisions to come.

The other story is one I have a sneak peak on Wattpad.

What Else:

It's day three of belated Hugs & Kisses blog tour.

Earlier this month Medeia reviewed my book.

If you have read it or is planning to read it I would love to see your review on goodreads!

Poetry Prompt:

Write about the feeling reading gives you.

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Love, Fida


Unknown said…
Good luck with NaNo and with your blog tour. Have a great week!
Best of luck with the rest of NaNo - it sounds like you're making brilliant progress!

Have a lovely week!
Rachel said…
Good luck with NaNo!!!!
Jaime Morrow said…
I really have to agree with you about CROWN OF MIDNIGHT. Wasn't it great? I need to get reading my copy of HEIR OF FIRE. That's awesome that you're on track with NaNo! I'm terrible at NaNo, so I don't do it anymore. Have a great week! :D
Katy Upperman said…
Right now, my favorite poetry line is Rumi's "We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust." I think it's so beautiful, and it gave my WiP its title. :-) Best of luck with NaNo, and with your blog tour, and have an awesome week!
ELAdams said…
CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is amazing! Good luck with the rest of NaNo! :)
Fida Islaih said…
Oh, that is a really beautiful line! Thanks for sharing (:
Fida Islaih said…
I'm surprised I'm on track. This is the first time I haven't fallen behind. Thank you! I can't wait to read HEIR OF FIRE (:
Crystal Collier said…
AH! How did I miss that you were doing a blog tour? Guess I've been intentionally absent from the blogosphere for a week recovering from my blog tour. I loved that series too. Awesome, awesome books. I'm not so sure I'm 100% happy with how it ended, but it was satisfying.

Keep NaNo-ing Ms NaNo queen!

Unleashing the Dreamworld
Laurel said…
Congrats on getting so far in NaNo! Sounds like you are on a roll. Best of luck with the blog tour.
Melanie Crouse said…
Thank you for offering to help with my blog tour and book release! I'll be in touch with you when I have more details. It looks like you're in the middle of your own book tour too. AND doing Nanowrimo. Those are two incredible things to try and do at the same time. I'm super impressed. Keep up the good work!
I read Throne of Glass recently and can't wait to read the next two. I'll definitely be getting to those soon.
Congrats on all the words for NaNo!
Erin L. Funk said…
I agree that CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is even better than THRONE OF GLASS. Love that series! Good luck with your NaNo project!
Miss Cole said…
Best of luck with the rest of NaNo. 28k is fantastic!
Simply Sarah said…
Congrats on the NaNo word count!!! I love the Throne of Glass books. The second one was amazing and I can't wait to read the third!
Carrie said…
I LOVED Crown of Midnight! I wish my library would hurry up and get Heir of Fire :) Congrats on your review and your NaNo progress and have a wonderful week!