Mon Blessings #32: Look Back on Love Letter

Hello Poetteers,

Violet inspired me to do this. Earlier this year we were in the Love-a-thon blog hop and wrote a letter to ourselves. Here we are towards the end of the year. You can read my letter here. She was looking back on hers and decided to do the same.

I felt loved with how I addressed myself. Habibti, my love, my darling.

I'm moving along with life. Since the letter I made new friends, reunited with old friends. They are all considered my sisters. I go out more. I still feel like I need to do more. I need to make more of an effort to hangout with friends.

Since the letter I went through one of the biggest hurdles in life. It made me appreciate my friends and let them know that. Keep the effort to be in touch. I'm more accepting of who I am with being an introvert. I'm loving myself. And even more loving as I conquer my fears.

A couple specific things I mentioned are my books. They are slowly but surely being known. But I know my poems are being loved. Another thing is my job. I left it. I feel better.

I have enough love from my family and friends, my writing, I don't need to worry about a love life.

I haven't traveled much but I have plans. The world is waiting.

Love, Fida

P.S. Thank you to Katelyn and Alexa for doing this!


Anonymous said…
These are positive feelings and changes. And as you age and grow, it keeps getting better.
Tara Tyler said…
getting known is tough, but being cherished is phenomenal! keep at it!