Hugs & Kisses Tour Day 2: Cover Design

Hello Poetteers,

It's day two of the belated blog tour! I get to talk about the cover design. I knew I wanted an illustration. A hand drawn look a like. An animal or little child with a balloon.

While looking up cover artists I fell in love with Sarah Kettle's work. I picked her to make the cover.

She did deliver what I wanted along with more. The title had to be in the picture. When I saw the mockup with two birds holding balloons and kissing with a kiss imprint in the background, I knew it was perfect.

We just had to change some color and finalize it. She added some beautiful floral bordering and it was set to go.

Poetry Prompt

Include birds and balloons in a poem.

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Love, Fida


So cute! Definitely love the design, and very fitting for the title. ;)