Less Social Media, More Writing

Hello readers,

I made myself a somewhat strict schedule to not going on social media that much. For once in a long while I started my day without going on social media but by writing. It felt very good!

After doing my morning routine is when I went on social media, which is two hours after I wake up. It feels great to feel the breezy weather! Instead of tweeting it feels good to actually be journaling again (: I did yoga and really did feel calm and into the movements like the past few other ones this month.

I'm a bit ahead of the schedule and it feels good to be at more I want to do this than I have to do this.

Read some blogposts for about fifteen mins, now I'm off to social media for fifteen mins, but stayed for ten mins extra. But during social media I shared my pitch to be critiqued and critiqued others. So ten mins late and I'm getting myself to write in my WIP.

After lunch I spent time on social media. And attempting to do some edits. Then some more writing. I kind of can say after noon my plan went downhill. But I'm happy with the experiment.

In a bit I'm off to be tossed into sibling world.