Types of Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

This is what it comes down to for the basics of poetry.

1. It can be long or short.
2. Some may have a rhyme while others don't. 
3. It may follow a poetic form or free verse.
4. It can be about romantic love or any feeling you have.
5. Can be about an experience in your life or something about nature.

Stay inspired,


Short and to the point. I like it! You can check out my lists post, Ten Reasons Not to Get Out of Bed from the link attached to my name. Have a great week!
NV said…
Nice job, Fida! I am always stumped when I try to think of a way to make a list post just a list, but you did it! Awesome :)
Patricia Lynne said…
Great list. Makes poetry sound like a breeze. ;)