Day One: Elevator Pitch

Hello readers,

Today marks day one of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge; that means we are talking about my elevator pitch. If you want to know all about elevator pitches and how you should think about creating one of your own, then I highly recommend that you read the post Writing An Elevator Pitch for Your Blog on Now onto my brainstorming and attempt.

My Passion: Life isn't much, but school. I'm a sensitive person and I'm always observing. I feel in love with poetry and decided to start a blog to share my original pieces.

My Audience: For a while and I still do think my readers are my sisters in faith and humanity, yet it's also becoming for fellow writers.

What I Do Here: I share a few to a lot of poems through out each month. Once a week I share my blessings and later ramble about one of them or something else that stuck out to me that certain week.

My Blog's Elevator Pitch: My blog is filled with blessings, faith and poetry about any or everything.

Am I Missing Anything? Let me know in the comments section below!

Thank you and love,


NV said…
"Blessings, faith and poetry" - I love that. That seems to mesh so well together and have me feeling like I am visiting a peaceful and melodic place.

Very nice job Fida!
Kim Switzer said…
I really like "blessings, faith and poetry." It sounds so peaceful, calm, and inviting.
Unknown said…
I also like blessings, faith and poetry. I'm unclear about life's not much, but school.