Thursday, March 31, 2016

Monthly Recap - March

Hello Poetteers,

It's time for my monthly recap! I look back at my goals I set in the beginning of the year and see how well I progressed.


I  read four books and a story on Wattpad. My initial reading goal was 40 books but I upped it to 45 books.

Dumplin' by Julie Murphy - four stars.

Map of Fates by Maggie Hall - five stars. It is the second book in a series. It is better than the first book. I enjoyed the glimpse at other cultures and countries. I loved seeing the MC's growth. That plot twist really pulled at my heart!

Where You'll Find Me by Natasha Friend - four stars.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton - three stars. Beautiful yet odd. I keep thinking of putting it down but I plowed through. I didn't feel there is really a tangible plot until last 100 pages. That was where it finally picked up for me and felt good/interesting. I loved that part. This story didn't work for me. My favorite characters were Gabe and Henry. I did love the bakery in it. 

Rebuilding Lex by Amber West - the story I read on Wattled. It is a story that kept me in suspense. There is romance, but it isn't overwhelming which I liked. The story stayed centered around other situations in Lex's life. 


Louder Alone is being queried. I didn't finish my outline my novel for Camp NaNo. I've pantsed a novel before and hopefully can do it again. Who else is participating in Camp NaNo?

I've been doodling and working on my handwriting more. For a few months I've heard and researched about bullet journaling. Towards the end of the month I started dabbling in bullet journaling. I also have april set up.


I made a video showing you how I clean my bookshelf. You still have time to sign up for the poetry chain challenge

Goals for next month

- Read four books
- Write new story
- keep up with bullet journaling
- practice spoken word
- try out blogilates

Stay inspired, Fida

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Poetry Tuesday: On Reading Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

Poetry is there for entertainment or to help you not feel alone. Sometimes, you want more from it. You can break it down to understand it more.

Here are those guidelines for reading poetry:

What is about?
Who is the poem talking to?
Who is speaking?
How is it written?
Why was it written?

It is up to your interpretation.

For more poems to read, buy my books.

Stay inspired, Fida

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Poetry Spotlight: Sarah Kay

Hello Poetteers,

In this series I'd like to highlight my favorite poets.

Sarah Kay is a poet and teacher of spoken word. She has her well known poem, B, published in an illustrated book. She has a new book coming out of her poem, The Type, with the same title. You can check out a full collection of poems in her book, No Matter The Wreckage. She is also the founder of Project VOICE.

My Favorite Poems From Her:

If I Were To Have A Daughter - it's like a letter to me. I love it!

Mrs. Ribeiro - a poem of a wonderful person.

Montauk - a poem that transports me. My favorite part is how it ends.

Toothbrush to a Bicycle Tire - a poem between two inanimate objects. It's funny yet touching.

Hands - a beautiful poem to appreciate something we take for granted.

Forest Fires - a touching poem I can relate to.


When Love Arrives - by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

An Origin Story - by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

Where You Can Find Her:

• Watch her TedTalk.
Website | Twitter

Stay inspired, Fida
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poetry Tuesday: Five Reasons I Love Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

1. It's like the poet knows your soul. You can relate to what the poem says.

1a. The poet writes what you can't say. You feel a certain way but don't know how to explain it when a friend asks how you feel. You read and see that it's exactly what's on your mind put into words.

1b. As I writer it warms my heart when a reader says it touched them.

2. It's a message to yourself. You may be feeling low and it gives you hope.

3. You see what you didn't see before. The little things are brought to light. Or ordinary things are brought to a new light.

4. You're let into the poet's heart. The poet is telling you their experiences in an intimate way.

Why do you love poetry? Let me know in the comments. If this gives you a reason to check out poetry, buy my books here.

Stay inspired, Fida

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Announcement: Poetry Chain Challenge Sign Up

Hello Poetteers,

April is National Poetry Month and it is coming up soon. To celebrate National Poetry Month on Apr 4th I will be hosting a poetry chain challenge. This poetry chain challenge consists of me starting the challenge with writing the first stanza of a poem. I send it to the second person and so on until we reach the end of the list. Details will be given when you sign up. You must have a blog and a date available to share your part of the chain. Attached below is the sign up form. I hope you join in!

Stay inspired,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Poetry Tuesday - What Is (Blank)?

Hello Poetteers,

I'll let you in on a little secret. I'll be sharing a poetry style on the format of my color poems. It doesn't have to be color. It can be a place or object.

Title it what is (blank), then write (blank) is. Repeat the phrase until you've written all you can then have a powerful ending.

How does it feel in the mind? Write three lines. End the poem with three lines on what the world will be like without that thing. You may leave the "without that thing" stanza where it is, leave it out
or move it to before the stanza about its power on the mind. Choose whatever that suits your creativity. Be as creative as you want. There you have it.

For more examples, take a listen to the Colors Collection.

Share with me in the comments what you came up with.

Stay inspired,


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top Ten Muslim Lit

Hello Poetteers,

Books I've Read

Does My Head Look Big In This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah

One of the first YA novels I read that has a Muslim main character. It is about a girl's journey once she decides to wear the headscarf. Add to Goodreads.

Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah

It is about a girl's struggle of living two lives. Add to Goodreads.

Bestest Ramadan Ever by Medeia Sharif

We are taken on the journey of love, friendship and redemption. Add to Goodreads.

Snip Snip Revenge by Medeia Sharif

Tabby goes to art school. You will fall in love with her. While reading her story I was able to relate with her. She stands up for what she wants. Add to Goodreads.

On my TBR List

Where The Streets Had A Name by Randa Abdel-Fattah

It sounds like a story where we will be taking a trip around a city in Palestine as the main character wants to help her grandmother. Add to Goodreads.

Love in a Headscarf by Shelina Janmohamed

It sounds like we will be taken on a journey of finding love. Add to Goodreads.

She Wore Red Trainers by Na'ima B. Robert

The main character looks for a happily ever after. Add to Goodreads.

Soul of a Butterfly by Safaa Baig

The main character's father makes a decision that changes her life. Add to Goodreads.

Jasmine Falling by Shereen Malherbe

"Jasmine must piece together her history in the broken land, before it destroys her future." Add to Goodreads.

I want to give a special shoutout to my Twitter friend, Karuna Riazi, who announced that her book titled The Gauntlet of Blood and Sand is going to be published! Add to Goodreads.

Talking about Muslim lit and authors, I have published poetry. Buy my book now.

Happy International Women's Day! Stay inspired,


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Poetry Spotlight: Sierra DeMulder

Hello Poetteers,

In this series I'd like to highlight my favorite poets. Sierra DeMulder is a performance poet and published author. She is one of the founders of Button Poetry.

My favorite poems from her latest book, Today Means Amen:

Small Poem
For My Niece
Ode To My Bottom Lip
After Googling Affirmations
Mantra To Overcome Depression
Today Means Amen
Release It
Tonight In Yoga

Where To Find Her:

Watch a performance of Today Means Amen.
Watch a performance of Paper Dolls.

Twitter | Instagram | Website

Love, Fida

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Monthly Recap on Goals #2

Hello Poetteers,

It's time for my monthly recap! Look back at last month's: January's Recap | Resolutions.


I read 2 poetry books, an anthology, a novel and a self help book. It is close to last month. It not as heavy of a read I'm still happy because I really love what I read.


I finished editing Louder Alone!! I finally came up with ideas for the four new manuscripts I want to write this year. I started outlining one of my ideas.


One of my goals was to work on spoken word. I didn't exactly do that but it is close and similar. I am now on SoundCloud! I have two pieces up already for you to listen to. I'm still keeping up with my color series on Instagram. Talking about IG, i think I finally got a theme for it.


Last month I was able to set in an evening routine. This month I tried to set a morning routine. The morning routine is called Miracle Morning that I read on the blog BohoBerry. If you haven't already you need to check out Alex Beadon's Monday Mantra series.

Next Time in Goals

- read 4 books
- beta read Louder Alone
- outline my new manuscript
- start writing new story
- practice my mandalas and calligraphy
- practice spoken word poetry
- work on my morning and evening routine

Thank you,


P.S. Miss Cole is doing a bloghop of the same idea called Previously.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top Ten Tues - Songs I Want As Books

Hello Poetteers,

This week's topic for Top Ten Tuesday is different from want I'm going to share today. We are going to rewind to a couple weeks ago and share my top ten songs that should be books or songs that have a story I want to write:

Fight Song by Rachel Platten - A girl coming out of her struggles stronger and with tighter friendships.

Lights by Ellie Goulding - Maybe a dancer's journey.

Wake Me Up by Avicii - Someone who is going after a dream no one thinks they can accomplish.

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson - Maybe someone moving out of their childhood home and away from friends.

Realize by Colbie Caillat - Two friends that are trying to keep their friendship going but it keeps falling apart. They try to meet but something always comes up or they are in the same room but miss seeing each other.

Begin Again by Taylor Swift - Struggling with a so called friend and a start of a new friendship.

Need You Now - A friend who is always there when her friend is having a bad day but one day she has a bad day and her friend isn't there.

Red - Friends who has different colors symbolize the different parts of their friendship.

What are some songs you would like as stories? Some songs come from poems. Buy my poetry book now.