Keep Your Edits Organized

Hello Poetteers,

Poetry is messy, in good and bad ways. I like to stay organized or my mind will feel chaotic. Also, you can look back at when you wrote specific poems to see where you’re mind was at. You intentionally don't want to repeat old poems but there will be moments of serendipity.
  1. Use track changes when editing your poem. 
  2. In the document name say whether it’s a draft, edited or final copy. 
  3. Or maybe have all the versions of the poem in one doc. 
  4. Have another file for scraps of poems you didn’t use. 
  5. Maybe electronic is not your thing and you print it out. Use a different colored pen to write in the margins. 
  6. Use excel to keep track of when you wrote the poem, when you edited and how many times, when you shared or published it. 
  7. Keep a checklist of how to edit your poem to use each time. 
Bonus: How to organize your poetry book

Are your edits organized?

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