10 Mistakes Poets Are Making

Hello Poetteers,

As I write and share my poetry I've noticed a few mistakes poets have made.

  • Leaving their name out of their poetry graphic. With leaving out your name, you make it easier for someone to take it and call it their own. Adding your name will make it harder for your work to be plagiarized. It will make it easier for readers to find more of your work.                      
  • Not keeping track of and organizing their poetry. Without an organization system, you may forget your ideas or end up rewriting or resharing an old poem. 
  • Not adding their book on Goodreads. Goodreads is a place where readers keep track of what they read and their book reviews. (Goodreads tutorial).
  • Believing rhyme words is what makes a good poem. Rhyme words is a bonus to a good poem. A poem is a piece of writing that shares emotion in a concise way. 
  • Fighting and pushing away learning and writing poetry. I first learned poetry through structure and didn't like it. Later I was taught poetry through free verse and it changed my mind. 
  • Thinking their poem needs to be in a format. Forms may limit the thoughts you want to write.  
  • Throwing away old poems. By keeping your poems you can see your growth. 
  • Not checking for grammar, punctuation or any poetic devices. The smallest things can change what you wanted the poem to be. 
  • Being vague in their writing. Sometimes I read someone's writing and it feels like anyone can write it. Share your own experience.
  • Writing poetry for other people and not for yourself. Nothing else needs to be said. 

: I've seen people share all their poems and other people not share their poetry at all. Have a balance of sneak peeks and mystery as you publish your book.

Stay inspired,



Rebeca said…
I am guilty of a few of these. I need to organize my poems and revise old ones. I don't add my name to my graphics. However, I don't want to re-upload all the poems on Instagram. People can edit your graphics with Photoshop. I have seen it done from other poets who saw their work stolen. It stinks that people sink to that level. All I can do is pray that never happens to me.
Queen Majeeda said…
Thanks for the tips. It's for this reason on social media I only post copyright material or just rhyme blurbs with no literary rules - stuff that I think no one will want to steal. But you really never know. Like Rebeca said, just have to pray that it doesn't happen. Thanks again for the tips.