Poems: Za'atar and Zaytoon

Hello Poetteers,

As people read HER OLIVES I realized I should have added a glossary. Here are two new poems to help you better understand the other poems.

Olives in Arabic
is zaytoon

Olives are this dark green color
of brownish green
of nature and it's fruit
also used as an oil

Olives are bitter
but balances a meal

Olives are from the Mediterranean and
all the countries that border it
it's the skin tone of people from that area.

Olives are a symbol of peace.

Za'atar is thyme
a plant connected to the roots of Palestine
Za'atar is a mixture of herbs
to enjoy on bread
baked similarly to pizza
or dipped with olive oil
or a seasoning for hummus.


I realized Her Olives should have a glossary, download it here