Her Olives 3rd Anniversary

Hello Poetteers,

Today is the 3rd book anniversary of my poetry book, Her Olives! With that, I give you a new poem.

Traditional Dress

She is given a gift of a dress
and thought of it only as that
loving the design on the cloth
not knowing the depth of the embroidery 

but she walks in
tall and graceful
her dress flows
from her broad shoulders to her feet
in black cloth
the cloth of the chest and arms
embroidered with colored threads
called tatreez

she comes to find
each design hand stitched
the variation in tatreez
holds different symbols
there is also variations of the traditional dress
from different parts of Palestine

She barely scratched the surface
of knowing the stories behind the designs
all with stories and history
of Palestine.

stay inspired,

I realized Her Olives should have a glossary, you can find it here.