Important Transitions of an Author

Hello Poetteers,

In the 7th grade I learned about poetry but I was turned away from it. A year later I was taught about poetry and fell in love with it. I enjoyed the assignments and wrote a bit extra but I didn't continue. Throughout the year I got into it and eventually started a blog. It was a place I could share all my poems. A year after starting my blog I had my first piece published.

Towards the end of 2011 I started to learn about self publishing and read self published books. On Feb 2012 there was a independent author conference. Later that year, in the fall, I published my first poetry book. I called self publishing my business. My blog continued to be for me. Within the past year I've been working on my blog from being for me to being for my audience.

stay inspired,


Crystal Collier said…
It's a crazy evolution we go through as we progress down this path, eh?