Process of Being A Poet

Hello Poetteers,

You can jump right into writing poetry or you can take steps to get you to a place where you feel comfortable to write and share poetry.

1. Gratitude List

Sharing a poem can be scary. Write and share a gratitude list as a baby step to sharing your poetry someday.

2. One Line Sneak Peeks

Writing poetry leaves you vulnerable. If you are not ready to share that part of you, pick one line from the poem that you will share.

3. 100-word flash fiction & Six-word stories

Flash fiction and micro stories will help you practice being concise and force you to use only necessary words.

4. Parody of a song

Write a parody of a song. Practice with rhythm because it's a tool to make a good poem.

5. Poetry form

Start with already made formats of poetry. It will help you find what you like and don't like in writing a poem. Some forms have repetition as part of its formula. Repetition, as I've mentioned before, gives emphasis to the important points.

6. Free verse

Now you're ready to write a poem on your own!!

stay inspired,

P.S. After writing a poem you have to come up with a title for it. There is a poetry titles cheat sheet now available to you.