Raise the Inspiration: Take a Walk

Hello Poetteers,

Taking a walk is known as an exercise for your physical body. It is also an exercise for your mind. The fresh air clears your head. Go by yourself or with a friend.

A couple days ago during #PoetteerChat, we talked about inspiration. Everyone had something different to share. I focused on how taking a walk makes space for inspiration. Here is a recap of what I said. 

Inspiration comes randomly. What you do may clear your mind for inspiration. My mind is quiet and empty of clutter. It wanders. No other thought is there to get in the way. Once you feel inspired you, feel clear and focused. You feel good.

Sometimes I'll sit or walk the same area but sometimes I'll change it up. I start to notice the same things if I walk the same area. I'll look for new things in that same area. New places bring new thoughts/wanderings.

During my walks, I will just walk but I started to jot down my observations. You can write them afterward but you may forget some. I learned that the hard way. You don't want good things to go to waste. I've had to slow my pace or stop many times to jot down the idea/thought(s). I tried to repeat the thought in my head until I'm done but that isn't a good way to go about it. It's not always but sometimes a poem will come to me as I am walking.

It helps bring the inspiration when you need it later. With it, I'm able to reimagine thoughts. Maybe those observations can help move a story forward.

Have you noticed anything when you take a walk? What do you do to gain inspiration?

stay inspired,


There is an exercise you can do to follow up with this in the Raise The Inspiration ebook.