Raise the Inspiration: Social Media

Hello Poetteers,

During my mindfulness post, I talked about how limiting your time on social media clears your head and brings in more focus. It also brings space for new ideas.

Being on social media is a time-suck. Once you go on you forget the important tasks and the time. It is known that we go on it first thing in the morning. One thing I try to do is stop myself from that. Once I get up I exercise and get to work. Once you get started you forget about the distracting social media. For me, I've noticed when I go on social media in the middle of my workload I'm able to catch myself and go on only for what I need. It was hard the first few times. With enough practice, it becomes easier. 

Another tip that is well known is to delete the apps from your phone. Not being able to see the apps when you turn off your alarm or set your alarm helps to restrict you from going on social media. Have you tried cutting yourself off from social media? What tips do you have?

Stay inspired,

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