Poetry Tuesday: Let it Surprise You

Hello Poetteers, 

I have been writing poetry for a long while. It comes easy for me. I don't always sit down and tell myself I'm going to write a poem right now. If I'm feeling something it comes out naturally. I'll come from it with a pile of poems all talk about the same thing, maybe in the same way or a different way. If I'm feeling something and can't think of a way to express it I don't force myself to write it. There are times I have nothing. I have to sit down away from a paper because I don't want to think too hard on the subject.

It may come out bad or good. Either really good or silly/ridiculously bad. Every poet, I'm sure, has a pile of bad poetry. 

Sometimes poetry is a is a conscious thought and sometimes it is the unknown thoughts that come up in my poetry. Not all good pieces have to be hard to come up with. I'll start writing a line and then something else takes over. I may end up shocking myself with how good it is and the depth in it. 

Stay inspired, Fida