Small Gems, a poem

Hello Poetteers,

Seeing this week's prompt was perfect. I was just looking through some old poems I've written almost 5 years ago. The prompt was to find an old poem and rewrite it. Here is the revised version:

Small Gems

It's hard to find
the meadows and empty roads
but when I do 
my heart grows
I can let the windows down 
play my music loud
and dance in the headlights
have a picnic in the field
share it with those I love.

(it was originally written in June of 2011).




Jessica Kay said…
"It's hard to find
the meadows and empty roads
but when I do
my heart grows"

I love these lines. To me, it's like I'm traveling back down the old country roads I grew up on trying to find my way back to the house I used to live in. And when I see familiar landmarks my heart swells with bittersweet memories.
Lovely, Fidah. Very lovely.
Pam Ray said…
I love how this poem is filled with a spirit of freedom.
Beth Camp said…
I really liked the way your poem invites the reader in to an afternoon of freedom. Your images stay with me and remind me of those times I've danced in the fields. Lovely.
Fida Islaih said…
I'm happy to hear that, thank you!
Deepti Agarwal said…
Such a sweet sweet poem.. loved it ..
Rhi said…
I really like this.