Culling My Goodreads TBR list

Hello Poetteers, 

I have a todo list app that sends me reminders and that lets me really plan ahead, so I just set it in to remind me every month to check in with my goals. 

One of my goals is to cull goodreads tbr list. I had 1,200+ books. On day one I got it down to less than 800 books. On day two I finished culling my list. I got it to a total of 582 books, woohoo! My new goal is to keep my goodreads tbr list under 1,000 books. It makes me feel good to see a less daunting number and to know only the books i really want to read are on that list. 

Thank you, 


P.S. This may not help if you are also culling your goodreads tbr list but you can add my poetry books to your goodreads list.