What's Up Wednesday

Hello Poetteers,

What I'm Reading:

I haven't picked up any books I've mentioned last week. To my pile I've bought SCARLET and LOVE THAT DOG. I've read LOVE THAT DOG and I loved it. I'm also in the middle of reading part two of LITTLE WOMEN.

What I'm Writing:

I'm back to DH but not the same story. I'm extending it to have some companion novels. So far I have 3,000 words.

What Else I've Been Up To:

I have a new newsletter coming out today at 12 pm est! Sign up if you haven't already. There will be some sweet deals and exclusive content.

What Inspires Me Right Now:

Stories. Writing them and reading them. My cats.

love, Fida


Katy Upperman said…
Stories, reading them and writing them, are my most constant inspiration too, Fida. Hope you have a wonderful week!
Alison Miller said…
3000 words is great! Go you! And yes - reading and writing are always inspiring. Have a great week!
Unknown said…
Yes, 3000 words is amazing! More than I can say for myself.

I am not really a cat person, but I do have 3 dogs. And if I ever found a lost, stray kitten who needed a home, I would take it over to my house as a pet #4!
Anonymous said…
What kind of cats do you have? We are thinking about getting a couple kittens this summer - bengal kittens because my daughter has allergies and they are supposed to be good for that. I still haven't fully decided but I'd really love to have cats again. I just don't know how my dog will take it! Have a great week!
Scarlet is a great book! And I always love Little Women, although I haven't read it in a few years.
Miss Cole said…
Reading, writing and cats sounds wonderful ^_^ Have a great week!
Jaime Morrow said…
Stories definitely inspire me too. And I have always loved LITTLE WOMEN. My mom used to read that to me and my sister, so it's kind of special to all of us. Have a great week!
Laura S. said…
Stories are definitely some of the most inspiring things! When I get stuck, I read or I write a prompt. It always gets the writing flowing again.

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines
Erin L. Funk said…
LITTLE WOMEN is one of my all time favourite novels. My mom first read it to me when I was six years old, so it's kind of sentimental for me. I hope you're enjoying it! :)
Unknown said…
3,000 -- that's great! And I agree, stories and writing are the greatest type of inspiration :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the 3000 mark, Fida! How exciting! And you know, cats can be surprisingly inspiring, especially when they get all crazy and hyperactive. I usually steal the energy from my cat to keep me writing, haha :) Have a wonderful week!
I love Little Women, it's one of my favourite classics. :)

Have a lovely week!
Anonymous said…
I've never read Little Women but it's a book I have on the bucket list. I've seen the adaptation and loved the story. It'll be interesting to see what the actual novel is like. :)
saniya said…
Congrats on 3000. I'm slogging through my WIP too. I have the ending done already which is bit weird but anyway.
P.S. I have been quietly reading your stories on wattpad. They are awesome