The Writers Voice Entry

Yasmeen is back in school after winter break and is depressed. She's tired of change and having to adjust to a new schedule. There is a bright moment when she takes her favorite class, creative writing.

She then meets a young man. He doesn't make her weary of him but weary in her belief of herself and her faith. Once she finds the balance of love and faith everything will fall rightly in place.

MAYBE LOVING YOU is a novel in verse of light romance. It is complete at 20,600 words.

First 250 Words:

Winter break over

back to routine
it's not so easy
keep having to adjust
Change is hard for me.

Arriving to school
it's all about

try to remember my homeroom
check the master list
go in circles
I soon find mine.

Ten minutes in homeroom
get my schedule
rush again
to my locker
to look for my first class.

In between

Walking to the lockers
I see Daania
I go say hi
stand awkwardly
until her friends come
say hi
I observe
as they all give her and each other big hugs
like they haven't seen each other for months
I tap Daania's shoulder
say bye
she just gives me a nod

She's a friend
but I'm not close to her
as close as I am
to Maryam
where is she?

My first class

My first class is creative writing
I almost jump with joy.
might help me with my days.
I get to do what I love
before anything else.

Walk in
feel awkward
don't know anyone or so I thought

Not the front
choose the back with two young ladies
I don't know.

I'm here because I want to write.

It started when I was younger

with a jumble
of random words wanting to get out of me
it was at the sight of my first gifted poetry book
that those random words came
I put both put aside
until recently
when the short stories came back
and poetry assignments came.

Love and thank you, Fida


Kip said…
What a beautifully-written glimpse into this story! I would definitely read on!
Alison Miller said…
I absolutely love novels in verse and I am hooked! Good luck!
Copil Yanez said…
More please! I love the verse, gives it a rushed, intense feel (like HS!). Great stuff! Good luck in the contest!
Laura Rueckert said…
This sounds beautiful. Best of luck!
Annette T. Dodd said…
Good luck in the contest! (Is this for YA or MG, btw?)
Fida Islaih said…
It's YA. And thank you everyone!
I don't think I've read a novel in verse before; it's neat to see. Good luck in the contest!
CHadge said…
Gorgeous! Good luck!
miriam said…
Nice! I love the way you've chosen to tell your story. Good luck!