Poem - Let it Go

Let it go
stop thinking of the past
and how you can change it

Let it go
remove the layers of dark
and see the light

Let it go
you don't have to be isolated
with your quiet self
see others still love you.

Let it go
it's okay to be upset
distance is okay too
if you come back

Let it go
let the fears and limits go
see the strengths you have
those weaknesses
are strengths in disguise

Let it go
you are the universe
and here you'll stand and stay.

*Inspiration came from this poetry jam.

Love and thank you, Fida


Mary said…
Nice! Your poem has really showed the importance and necessity of being able to let things go and move on.

Welcome to Poetry Jam! Smiles.
Brian Miller said…
distance is ok too...if you come back...
so true...that is a packed line...
the coming back is huge...
sometimes we need space
but it can be scary
wondering if they will
come back.
Hope said…
' you are the universe
and here you'll stand and stay'
beautiful! a very solid conclusion to an unstable time when things begin to change. I love it!
Sumana Roy said…
i also love the closing lines..so uplifting
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this! especially "distance is okay too if you come back". This poem actually helped me today, in the funk I am in. Thank you so much! Wise advice.
Laurie Kolp said…
Beautiful and so encouraging, especially the ending. Thank you.
alan1704 said…
Really beautiful letting our fears and emotions go to feel freedom. Well done.
Anonymous said…
Gabriella said…
I agree that if we stay fixed in and on the past rather than admit we cannot change it, we will not achieve much. I enjoyed the wisdom you skillfully expressed in your poem.
Wayne said…
Nicely done...great last line....thanks for sharing
Kathe W. said…
excellent advice!
Wendy Bourke said…
"see the strengths you have" - so important. And yet, I suspect, rarely practiced by the majority of people.
Donna Smith said…
"those weaknesses
are strengths in disguise"
People need to see those weaknesses and turn them into the strengths they should be.
Intelliblog said…
Very apt and well thought out poem to the prompt.
Unknown said…
I love the last stanza, Fida.