What's up Wednesday

Hello Poetteers,

What I'm Reading?

I finished reading ELEVATED by Elana Johnson on Monday. My rating: 5 of 5 stars. You can check out my review.

Yesterday I finished Learning to Swim (Hearts Out of Water #1)Learning to Swim by Annie Cosby

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started reading. It had no action, and was slow. Taking it's time to set up the story. For us to know the characters well. Then I got distracted, didn't even think of it, didn't rush back like I usually do. I picked it up again because I needed something to do.

Like I said it was just introducing the characters. But bits here and there gave some action. Not until past the halfway mark. I guess that happens in a series but this is the first series I felt that, this slow.

At halfway and after is when the relationships really started to form and give the action I wanted in a story.

I can relate to her sensitivity. I love her bravery. Her want to travel. I don't like Owen but I do love her relationship with Rory. And the mystery of the old lady that's unfolding? I love how she (Cora) finally found her way to her mom and vise versa. Then the old lady died! I want to read the next book to find out about it and more about Rory.

What I'm Writing?

I'm working on my new WIP to take my mind of the other WIP I have been revising and planning to write a sequel for. This new WIP is about two best friends taking a road-trip to find themselves. Check out my inspiration board.

What's Inspiring Me Right Now?

The heavy, no thunder rain. Spring around the corner and the sun and long days it brings. The cold days have made me exhausted. I thrive off of the warm days.

Love and thank you, Fida


Anonymous said…
Good honest reviews, enjoyed reading them.
Katy Upperman said…
I love road trip stories! Just finished Jessi Kirby's IN HONOR a few weeks ago. So good! Best of luck with your WiP, Fida, and have a wonderful week!
Colin Smith said…
That slow start, where you're introducing the characters and setting things up, is really hard to do well. One of the things I didn't like about ALLEGIANT was the fact that the first half of the book was too slow, filled with world-building and back story, which for the third book in a trilogy is not really appropriate. The trick is to introduce characters in an exciting and compelling way, showing back story, and drawing your reader into the book while setting the scene for the main action.

All the best on your WIP this week, Fida! :)
Unknown said…
I enjoy road trip stories almost as much as I enjoy road trips. And now that winters ending and the sun is starting to come out, reading or writing about road trips sounds even better. :)
Have a wonderful week!
Jaime Morrow said…
Road trip stories are some of my favourites. Have fun writing yours!
Laura S. said…
Hello, Fida! Spring heading our way is inspiring me, too. It's cloudy today with a hint of rain and thunder in the air, but it's 60˚! Unfortunately tomorrow is supposed to plummet back in the twenties, ugh. But I think that'll be it for the freezing temps until next winter. Hopefully!!

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines
Miss Cole said…
I love rainstorms. They're so relaxing and definitely inspiring.

Have a great week!
Erin L. Funk said…
I have one of Elana Johnson's books that was given to me as a gift, and I really need to get around to reading it because it looks good. I wish we were getting rainy weather where I live. It's finally melting though, so I'm happy about that. Good luck with your new WIP!
amy said…
I like your inspiration board. Your WIP looks like fun. Have a great weekend!
Simply Sarah said…
I find rain inspiring too :)
Adding Learning to Swim to my to read list now. Thanks for the rec!

Visiting from A to Z :)
Krispy said…
Thanks for sharing your inspiration board for you WIP! It looks very pretty. :) I also am excited and inspired by the coming of spring. I'm a sunshine kinda gal, so bright days always make me happier. I do find rain soothing though and good for days spent indoors reading/writing.

Also, yay! Nice to find a fellow poetry lover! I've been getting back into writing it recently, though most of it has been twitter poetry. I tweet semi-often with the hashtag #twtpoem with Lydia and April when we do Twitter poetry with shared prompts. Anyone is welcome to join! And of course, you can use the hashtag whenever you want too.
Fida Islaih said…
Thank you for sharing the hashtag with me, I'll be sure to check it out and be a part of it (: