Upcoming Poetry Reads of 2021, Part 2

Hello Poetteers, 

I'm sharing more poetry books I discovered and am excited to read!


Coming Home to Her By Emily Juniper

It is a celebration of being human. It is a coming out journey, an exploration of sexuality, femininity, loving, and being loved.

How to Bloom By Tatyana White Jenkins

A collection of poems about the enthralling, complex, grueling, and beautiful journey of growth.


The Gravity Inside Us By Chloe Frayne 

An ode to whatever it is we carry that pulls us in and out of place, and speaks so insistently of fate.

The Medicine That Burns by Molly S Hillery

It is a raw declaration on what a life of trauma can look like after the dust settles and the poems have happy endings. It is an unflinching narrative on how hurt is cyclical, how recovery must be redefined repeatedly, and how shame can poison us in the worst ways.

I See How You've Kept Me by Aisha Adams

A debut poetry book that takes you through a journey of brokenness to reach complete healing.


The Light Within My Light By Amin Jaswal

A collection of poetry focused on finding one’s self and healing the broken parts within ourselves. Using metaphors, symbolism and gender fluidity in her writing Amin explores the inner relationship and conflict between our feminine and masculine energy.


Flower Crowns and Fearsome Things By Amanda Lovelace

Amanda lovelace explores the complexity of femininity through alternating wildflower & wildfire poems. within these pages, you will find that each of us has the ability to be both soft & fierce at the same time. there is no need to choose one or the other.


Zainab Lunar said…
Lovely list! Thanks for the recommendation.