Thousand Miracle Thursday

Hello readers,

This morning I saw a picture and got inspired to blog. 

Here's the post/poem I wrote, enjoy!

A house made home with beds
to sleep and stay warm 
good food and more to come

Loving family including cats
A religion to follow
Sun shining and beautiful views 

Look at the small things
and give thanks
they one day 
will be the big things

Loving friends being sisters
the ability to rant the bad stuff
and feel good afterwards 

God's giving a miracle 
find a thousand everyday

Like the air you breathe
the trees to help keep it clean
meditation to keep you calm
motivation to keep you going

Just count and love.


Anonymous said…
Yes sister count the blessing we have but in reality we could never numerate them could we? Allah is the Ever Merciful to us. Allah Akbar!