Flash Friday: NaNo Style

Hello readers, 

I have a somewhat a new segment for you as you can tell by the title. Let's get to it!

Day 13: "I love walking around campus at night. You get to see the moon and stars. Only the street lamps light the path. It's beautiful. I may trying writing sometime in this place. For now the poem will have to do."

"We are not sheep here. No one herds us and we don't follow anyone. Yet I must say we have a few black sheep among us. It's awkward."

"An eye of a tiger is something I try to capture in words like I once tried in drawing."

"Sometimes you got to love yourself a little more to get the energy you need to keep going."

Day 15: "It just really pisses me off that my existence is not that important to be listened to and peacefully said hello to."

"I think her heart got the rest of her body sick because of missing me."

Day 21: "The moon shimmered on the clouds, on the water at the beach along with the colors of the sky during sunrise and sunset. All next to the stars."

Thank you and love, 


Crystal Collier said…
I like all those. How would you go about capturing a tigers eye in art? (I'm thinking with a net?)