Monday Blessings #18: Nov Ed

Hello readers,

It's been around a month since my last blessings post. 

In a few days from now I'm about to get almost a suitcase full of chocolate. I'm not lying! I'll take a picture.

In a little over month I get to go to camp and see my awesome sisters! 

I have to put in a bit of selfish promo: it's been two months since I self published my first poetry collection!! You can get it on Smashwords for less than $2! 

Also in three months I'm self publishing another poetry collection. I made the official announcement last week!

Other blessings... let's see... a job, two cats, family. Finally got two new baju kurung after eight years (my last trip to Malaysia); these two new ones were sent thru two mutual friends to get to me. 
More love, less money.

I'm blessed to rekindle my love for baking before I add it into my New Years resolution.

Last but not least I'm glad to be participating in NaNoWriMo after a month off. I never really took a break before this one. I never was really into novel writing until maybe last year. I know this year for sure. I did start writing awhile back but more short stories. 

Enough rant, thank you and love! Have a good week!