Poetry Tuesday: My Mind

Hello readers,

"I love the rain because no one sees me crying. I love the wind because I can close my eyes and know everything will eventually be okay."

My Mind
By day my mind...
is everywhere else but here;
I push on and as I do another part
I blank...
not remembering, not thinking
I still push on, but that special someone
notices the look I have
"you've had enough."
just take a break.

A true, fresh from the heart poem written right when school let out. Insha'Allah, I'll have a better day.



InshaAllah you will.
And when you feel like your mind and everything is so TIRED; you need a break honey.
Have some 'me' time every night. Just for yourself.
Have your favourite icecream/chocolate bar while you lie on your bed and think about good times. Or simply go for a walk and appreciate something new. Let your mind wander.
'not all who wander are lost'... maybe they're just finding something instead.

Keep Smiling Fida,through your poetry, your words and comments - I think you're truly beautiful sis. <3 ((:
Fida Islaih said…
Aww! Thanks sis! Just reading your comment made me smile =) And thanks for the advice!

You to, smile... cuz through your smiles and advice you're beautiful, too!

<3 Fida