Monday Blessings #1

Hello readers,

Today is the start of a new blog series called Monday Blessings where I share with you some of the blessings i've noticed this past week. 

Y For going to the Indy Girls Qiyaam Y I'm an oversensitive gal. I cry once a week and sometimes more; this past week is the only time I remember not crying. Y My mind is on poetry inspiration overload Y Seeing someone I love wearing my favorite color, purple Y I always feel like I need so much chocolate to make it through the week. I realized I don't need that much Y Having warm weather with a nice breeze Y The rain on my face after a bad day Y For my family and friends Y For the feeling of seeing someone you love soon Y Best of all, being a Muslim and having Allah by my side!!

stay inspired,



Elisa said…
Lovely post, as usual :)
Also, I awarded you back with the inspirational award! WOOHOO!
Zara A said…
There some truly amazing things!
At least I know that if I meet you in person some day, insha'Allah... I'll be wearing purple holding a big bar of chocolate in my hand, LOL.
Fida Islaih said…
@Elisa: thank you!!

@Zara: Hehe :) I can't wait!!
Chloe said…
Yay you started writing a blessings list too! :) This was so lovely to read, you've listed some really beautiful things xo
Fida Islaih said…
@Chloe: it's the same reason I gave the award: Inspiration! Thank you!

Fida x