Poetry Tuesday: Feelings

Update 4-1-11: poem published on Dear Little Auntie.

Hello readers,

I Want To

I want to feel the excitement again
the calm, the enlightening
of praying;

I want to feel the purity again
splashing water, having a smile
if reading the quran;

I want to feel the freshness again
of being a Muslim.

Inspired by TSWS on her post, Falling in Love.



Elisa said…
Assalaamu Alaykum Fida!
My dear, your words really do touch deep into the heart and soul, masha'allah.
Last night I had such a difficult time sleeping. . .I was up till 7 in the morning in fact! I've been feeling myself become distant from Allah (swt) and it has really brought me down. So being up in the middle of the peaceful night I prayed. It has been a while since I did so and, alhamdullilah, it was so refreshing. It's hard to put into words, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. All day I have kept up with praying on time and it really makes a world of difference in my heart and bring such peace to my mind.
Masha'Allah, Fida, you have true talent with words. You can convey honest truth and deep feelings through your poetry. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us all :)
Fida Islaih said…
Waalaikum Salaam Elisa!

Thanks for taking the time to read and leave such a beautiful comment. You're going to make my heart melt ;)

Insha'allah we will be the best Muslim we can be and have such feelings.

Love, Fida xx
Saba said…
Masha Allah, what a wonderful and touching thought (poem). I wish too to feel that feeling again :D Alhamdulillah for five daily prayers! :)
Anonymous said…
Very powerful poem - simple words that touch my heart. Beautifully written and inspiring.
Thank you for sharing this with us - be blessed for such a lovely wish.
Fida Islaih said…
@Saba: alhamdulillah, I'm glad you like it.

@Marie: welcome to my blog! Thanks for the beautiful comment; it's my pleasure to write :)

Fida xx
Little Auntie said…
Too beautiful.

I am definitely putting that one up on our blog soon. Tomorrow? If you're okay with that?
Fida Islaih said…
@Lil Auntie: I'm glad you like it. Thanks and go ahead!

You have put the mush in my mind in a piece of linguistic artistry. JazaakAllah (((((: <3
Fida Islaih said…
Im just being me :))) <3