Expenses for the Indie Author

Hello Poetteers, 

Self publishing can vary from being free to expensive. It depends on your skills, if you're willing to be self taught and hire out for higher quality work. 

Indie author publishing tools
  • A cover designer can run between $150-$300 
  • An editor costs between $200-$400 
  • There are other expenses like formatter and illustrator. 
  • Or you could do the cover and interior by yourself on programs like InDesign which costs about $240 a year. Vellum is $250, a book formatting software for Mac. 
  • IngramSpark is $50 - to upload a book & then $25 for each revision.
Other expenses

Isbns $125 - from the Bowker site (for US only). You can purchase an isbn (2 for each: paperback & ebook) to have your name and LLC attached to your book. You can also use a free one through your distributors. Their publishing company will be attached to your book. Also, you’ll have several different isbns for your book through all the distributors you use. Reedsy goes in depth about isbns on their site.

Optional marketing expenses
  • Bookfunnel is $10 per month. It’s a site that allows you to send free ebooks to readers.
What are other expenses do you have to budget for?

Stay inspired,